Economic and Health Impact of Hospitals in Santa Clara County

Hospitals in Santa Clara County are strong drivers in the local economy, deliver high quality patient care, provide “safety net” services to residents in need, improve community health outcomes and serve as a vital element in the region’s emergency response plans.

This report, commissioned by the Hospital Council, estimates the economic impact of hospital spending in Santa Clara County. All findings are presented in 2017 dollars.

Hospitals and hospital-related spending, such as long-term care facilities, generate $18.5 billion in spending annually, 91,936 jobs in the county and $10.7 billion in labor earnings. Hospitals in Santa Clara County provide approximately $4 billion annually in charity care, Medi-Cal shortfall and a wide range of other community benefits.

Stories highlighting key partnerships, programs and services designed to improve patient care and health outcomes and to address health disparities are interspersed throughout the report.

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