Surgical Safety: Preventing Retained Surgical Items
Using the Sponge Accounting System (SAS)

Surgical Safety: Preventing Retained Surgical Items

Patient Safety First is looking to engage all PSF participating hospitals in this endeavor. ZERO for at least one year.The problem of retained surgical sponges occurs anywhere surgical sponges are used and a wound exists – such as in operating rooms, labor and delivery rooms and procedural areas throughout a hospital.If your hospital has never had a retained sponge case in the last year, congratulations!Stay the course.If you have had even one case, join this effort.If you have invested in new technology join this webinar to understand the failure modes that others have succumbed to.If staff in your ORs are using a manual practice move beyond just counting sponges and start ACCOUNTing for them. No matter what your current state you should understand how to move your hospital ORs and procedural areas to a safer state.

Presented by: Dr. Verna Gibbs, Founder of NoThing Left Behind