Our Mission, Vision and Values


The Hospital Council of Northern and Central California’s Mission is to help our members to provide high quality health care and to improve the health status of the communities they serve.

“Effective, Efficient, Safe, Timely, Patient Centered, Equitable and Affordable.”

What We Do: We bring hospitals together to achieve excellent patient care and community health far beyond the capacity of individual hospitals.


The vision of the Hospital Council is to be the premier health care association by providing leadership for change and expertise on issues affecting the delivery of health care services.

Our Mission In Action:

Effective Advocacy

Making the voices of members heard and interests known to those who influence the political, legal and social context in which hospitals operate at the local level and in support of CHA’s policy agenda.

Mutual Assistance

Providing opportunities for members to collaborate, cooperate, help one another, share resources, solve mutual problems and team up for mutual advantage.


Providing members with opportunities and experiences that enable members to broaden their personal or professional qualifications, share knowledge and information, learn from one another and grow personally through quality relationships.

Products and Services

Providing valuable resources to improve hospital operations.



The foundation of the Hospital Council is always acting in the best interests of our members. We will, at all times, demonstrate the highest ethical standards.

Respect and Dignity

Respect for individuals, fair dealing, and nondiscrimination in relationships is a standard the Hospital Council will maintain at all times.


The Hospital Council will foster collaboration among members and between members and health care stakeholders, working with them to find solutions to mutual problems and community issues. We will foster teamwork, advocacy and cooperation among hospitals in each region.

Community Responsibility

All health care providers play a key role in making their communities healthier places to live. The Hospital Council assists members in providing consistent and publicly evident value for patients and the community. Access to health care is a right for everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. The Hospital Council helps members to provide access to high quality, cost-effective, community-focused programs and services that promote health and an optimally healthy society.


The Hospital Council staff strive to understand the business environment in which hospitals operate to anticipate member needs and to act to meet those needs in new and innovative ways.

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