Member Benefits

Advocacy and Issue Management

The Hospital Council monitors and advocates with County Boards of Supervisors, Health Departments, Local Emergency Management Agencies, Behavioral Health Departments, and other departments and agencies on behalf of hospitals. The Hospital Council leads and supports member involvement in local coalitions and convenings on such critical issues as Behavioral Health, Emergency Services, Medi-Cal Managed Care and health care workforce.  In addition, the Hospital Council works in partnership with CHA on state and federal legislation and regulatory issues principally through grassroots advocacy, fundraising, and relationship management with elected offices at the district office level.

A Seat at the Table

The Hospital Council strives to provide opportunities where hospitals, politicians, community leaders, other advocacy groups, health care providers, clinics, government agency leaders can come together to partner to solve health related challenges facing a local area. The Hospital Council assists members in implementing programs to overcome operational challenges and improve patient care.

Public Advocacy

The Hospital Council works with local media, community groups, business groups and others to accurately portray issues impacting hospitals such as access to health care, challenges facing emergency departments, the uninsured, workforce shortages, regulatory burdens and many others. The Hospital Council is the local spokesperson with the media and public for the hospital field.  The Hospital Council works to establish strong relationships with business coalitions, Chambers of Commerce and other key organizations in communities across the Hospital Council region.

Business Services

External support is available through the Hospital Council in many areas of hospital operations including finance, compliance, safety, recruitment and blood services. Hospitals using these services help provide significant non-dues revenue to the Hospital Council helping to support additional member programs

Quality Initiatives

The Hospital Council supports the implementation of patient safety and quality initiatives through the Hospital Quality Institute with collaboratives, education, peer-to-peer networking and sharing of best practices. CHA and the three Regional Associations are the members of Hospital Quality Institute, founded to consolidate our separate quality efforts and provide greater resources to California hospitals.