Economic Impact of Kern County Hospitals
January 2016

The Hospital Council of Northern and Central California is pleased to provide the latest report of the 2015 Economic Impact Analysis of Hospitals in Kern County. This report provides an overview of the significant economic and fiscal impact made by ten major hospitals on the region. Hospital spending totals $5.0 billion and supports 32,296 jobs.

The health care industry sector is a large contributor of job growth for the Kern County communities, providing high paying jobs and investing in capital improvements. Additionally, it is a critical factor in regional economic development and a strong element for attracting companies looking to expand or relocate.

Hospitals in Kern County are vital to the quality of life and economy of communities throughout the region. Hospital investments and contributions ensure that there is an adequate supply of health professionals to serve California’s patient population. They also make lasting, positive impacts on local communities and regional economies.

Across the state, many programs that are solely supported by local hospitals make tremendous impacts on the lives of individuals, families and communities. These programs include clinical training for nurses and allied health professionals, as well as contributions of time and resources dedicated to the thousands of interns and high school students that spend time in hospitals each year gaining valuable work experience and career exposure.

The 2015 Economic Impact Analysis of Hospitals in Kern County illustrates why the region’s hospitals are important to our communities and the region as a whole, and why it is necessary to invest in and protect our regional health care safety-net.