Collective Medical

Collective Medical’s EDIE is a cloud-based, collaborative care management tool that lets professionals coordinate care for high utilizers — irrespective of hospital, emergency center, health system or geographic boundary.

EDIE collects data from all EDs visited by a patient, packages that data into actionable insights, and then delivers those insights to ED clinicians via real-time notifications the instant they are needed.

CURES Integration with Collective Medical Delivers Real-time Insights Directly to Your Dashboard

California hospitals can now integrate data directly from the California CURES database into emergency department workflow—improving front-line decision making—using the Collective Medical Platform.

The Collective Platform provides an ED-specific solution (called EDie) that integrates with CURES—utilizing smart analytics to connect patient records, sift through past prescriptions in CURES, match against aliases, and pull relevant Schedule II-IV prescriptions based on criteria validated by California physicians. The Platform then sends data about these prescriptions, any existing conditions, and any established care guidelines as part of a one-page EDie notification directly to the physician. No separate query. No external portal login. And no workflow disruption.

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) has already rolled out the CURES integration with EDie. Dr. Reb Close, a CHOMP emergency physician, says that, with the integration, “I’m able to feel a lot better about prescribing medications as an ER doc, because I can now look at these records and see all of the recent controlled medications and how many unique prescribers and pharmacies my patient is currently visiting. Those, to me, are game changing numbers.”

If your hospital is not on the Collective Platform, email Gabe Waters at gabe.waters@collectivemedical.com for more information. If your hospital is already on the Collective Network, someone from Collective will be in touch with you in the coming days to help facilitate your CURES/EDie integration. Questions? Reach out to Kyle Erb at kyle.erb@collectivemedical.com.