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Speedtrack Offers a Pre-Emptive Strike on COVID-19 

SpeedTrack, which provides next generation data analytics for California health care, has a new option that is helping in the fight against COVID-19. The Population Health Decision Support (PHDS) analytics platform is now being leveraged to identify and optimize care for at-risk patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many patients, especially those who are elderly or with multiple chronic conditions have elected not to see their physicians during this time (98% of practices are reporting substantial decreases in patient volumes – CMA Physician Financial Health Survey, May 2020). 

According to Barry Bittman, MD, and chief population health and quality officer for the Inland Empire Foundation for Medical Care, “we must remain especially vigilant of the health of our most vulnerable patients during this unprecedented period.  We cannot wait for them to show up in the ED for treatment.   

“Utilizing PHDS, we were able to identify more than 80 diagnostic classifications with increased COVID-19 susceptibility — patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, as well as those with chronic renal failure, oncology diagnoses and immunocompromised states.  We subsequently risk and cost-stratified the identified Accountable Care Organization population, and assigned a team of volunteers to contact a prioritized list of individuals telephonically with the objective of determining the presence of COVID-19 symptoms as well as their medication needs and food insecurity.” 

Jeff Pratt, Speedtrack CEO added, “this restructured workflow was literally up and running within 24 hours of a 15-minute analytics session with Dr. Bittman.  It’s personally gratifying to collaborate with clinicians on the frontline to apply advanced data analytics and make a difference.” 

SpeedTrack is an Endorsed Business Partner of the Hospital Council.